Young Adult Outreach at Ridgecrest UMC

What's the church purpose and mission?

We are richly blessed, loving, and spiritual family of Christ who shares God's love through our personal and congregational ministries. Our mission is to share Christ's love with all, through our tradition of scripture, sermons, music and fellowship. We believe strongly in sharing our blessings with those in need.

 The church family welcomes you to join in our Bible-based worship, prayer and discipleship.

I'm I considered a "young" adult?

The young adult ministry is open to anyone over 18 years old. It welcomes college-age, young professionals, work-from-home caretakers, singles, married couples, and people with children.

Say what?

 This is YOUR ministry, and it is up to YOU to make it YOUR own!

Please let the ministry know if you have an idea for a mixer, for a Bible study, for a special trip, or outreach.

Also, there are lots of resources available to you including Bibical resources, information on volunteering, one-on-one mentors, prayer partners, and so much more!

 The ministry is here to serve you, and nurture you in your personal walk with Christ.