Young Adult Outreach at Ridgecrest UMC

COVID-19 UPDATE (July, 2020)

The below information was created before COVID-19. Please note that the church building is currently closed due to health and safety precautions, and the information below is currently inapplicable.

You're New Here?! Well - WELCOME!

 This page is designed to help those first time worshippers feel especially welcomed here at RUMC, and am hoping that this answers most of your questions, regarding the ministry, and the church.

Sunday Worship

 How to dress?

(Seems to be the most asked question) - In all honesty, there is no bouncer at the front door sending away those who show up in jean shorts to Sunday worship. All dress is accepted! 

There is a wide range of clothing fashions from hoodies and jeans, to traditional old-school fancy dresses and hats. It is the church's hope that you feel comfortable wearintg what you feel most comfortable in.

However, if you were to take a snap shot of the congregation during worship, you would see most people in professional work wear, like slacks and collared shirts.

What do I bring?

- Just yourself, and a spirit of worship! We provide a bulletin to follow along in the service, and provide all the song books needed.

Some people bring their own Bibles to church, but all scriptures are read aloud, and if you feel so called, there are Bibles in the pew pockets for use.

The church offers two Sunday worship services each and every Sunday, except during the summer worship schedule (June 8th through August 10th), were there is only one combined service at 9:30am: 

8:00am worship - If you are an early bird, and prefer a more intimate worship setting with less than 100 fellow worshippers in a traditional worship setting, then this is the service for you! Services typically last an hour.

10:30am worship - If you are a late riser, and prefer the sounds of a full adult choir, and love to worship with more than 150 fellow Christ Followers in a blend of traditional and contemporary worship setting, then this is the service for you! Services typically last just over an hour.

Communion offered every first Sunday - The traditional breaking of bread of communion is offered during both services the first Sunday of every month, for anyone who loves the Lord, and wishes to participate. Due to communion, service time usually lasts ten to fifteen minutes longer than a non-communion Sunday. 

For Young Adults with Children

There is no "pull-out" kid's church during the 8am service, but children do have a special time up front with the Pastor, and are given 'Son'shine bags with activities to keep them happy.

At the 10:30am service, children are called up to the front for a special time with the pastor, and then dismissed to "creative expressions" (kid's church) in the social hall, with two or more adult church members. During creative expressions, children work on faith-based stories, crafts, and games.

A fully staffed, fully stocked, childcare room is open from 7:45am to 12noon each Sunday, and is ready to care for your small children in Room 10 of the education building - right next door, room 11, is the 'Son'shine/infant and parents room, where parents may take their children for some privacy in feeding, napping, or calm-down time (this is available from 7:45am to 12noon as well).

Also Room 11, houses the Family Resource Library, which houses faith-based media for families. Media includes parenting based books, books on children's issues, children's DVDs and music CDs, and so forth. It our hope that you use this resource for your growing family in keeping with the traditions of the church. Check-out is based on the honesty policy, just take what you wish, and return when you can.

For more information regarding the children's ministry, please view the children's page, accessed via the church home page.